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I work with a small number of different designers to create book covers. These are designers I know and trust, and the same designers who designed the book covers for Corona Books that you see pictured here.

Oxbridge Limerick front final SMALL Child of Winter Cover front small 9780993247255.MAIN gbwithwarning

I’m not in the business of providing pre-designed covers or covers that mean your book could end up looking exactly the same as someone else’s. Rather, it’s about creating the cover that your book deserves: turning your ideas into reality or coming up with a concept that’s absolutely right for your book.


This can mean the use of licensed images to form part of your cover design and/or the creation of new images and/or the use original photography.  

TCBOHS300dpi Scottish Limerick Book COVER - medium MischieverseCoverPNGsmall AMOLAD front cover v2017.3

The spine and back cover designs won’t be neglected either. Assuming you’re looking to publish a physical book and not just an e-book, these are an integral part of your full book cover that help define the look and feel of your book.


I will also ensure that your cover meets the upload and printing requirements for whichever publishing platform or model will be used to publish and print your book.


Isn’t this all very expensive? The quicker answer is no it’s not, and you will likely be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to create your cover design. None of the designers I work with charge silly prices, and they all, as I do, offer the best possible value for money.  

Call me on 07772 167092 or email lewis@lewiswilliams.com