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By book description I mean the text that will typically appear on the back cover of the book and the Amazon listing. In either case, it’s there to do the same thing: to tell the potential buyer and reader what they can expect from the book and persuade them to part with their hard-earned money to read what you’ve written. Having a book description that sells your book is a very important aspect of publishing, and not one that should be neglected.


Although I’m keen to stress my flexibility in providing as many or as few services as you would require, helping you with your book description is really only something I can do well if I’ve otherwise got knowledge of your book content (through editing and/or proof-reading it). So assuming that’s the case, I can write or edit your book description with a view to creating a ‘blurb’ that sells your book.


I’m responsible for writing or editing all the book descriptions for all the books published by Corona Books UK. A couple of examples of my work are shown here, including the one for my own The Great British Limerick Book.