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Good editing can be transformative, and it will always be about improving your book and making it genuinely ready for a wider readership. (I see lots of self-published books on Amazon with the occasional honest review in there that will say something like ‘this book needs editing’. It’s all too easy to self-publish a book and then later regret having put it out there when it wasn’t yet the best it could be.)


And they say finding a good editor is hard. It’s certainly true that you shouldn’t take the decision of choosing an editor lightly. After all, your book is personal to you, something you’ve invested weeks, if not months, if not years in, and you’re now going to allow someone to change it! Why should you trust me to do that? Why should you choose me?


The answers are because I can provide professional editing married to a personal service, which is also affordable.


I have experience of editing both non-fiction and fiction in a wide variety of subjects and genres.

Editing is important, very important


Before becoming a publisher and freelance editor, I worked for the University of Oxford in writing/editing roles for a number of years. I have a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics with first class honours as well as a Masters degree in Philosophy. I’m also the author of two disparate non-fiction books: one in the field of popular music (published by Plexus, London) and one co-written with an academic in the field of social policy (published by Policy Press, Bristol).


Does my academic background mean that my approach to editing your non-fiction book will be dry and stiff? The answer is: no, it does not. Clarity and readability are always my watchwords. I will help you maximise both for your non-fiction book, whilst striking the tone that is right for your readership. If your book is seeking to persuade your readers of something, I will help you make your arguments logical and as well-presented and persuasive as they can be - whatever the subject field.


Editing fiction is different from editing non-fiction. There can be more artistic licence with grammar - although it’s not a free-for-all, and it’s about striking the right balance: knowing the rules and knowing when to break them without looking like you don’t know what you’re doing. (So many self-published books are hugely let down by what will just come across as amateurish, like confusing ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ or not knowing how to punctuate dialogue.) There can be plot-holes and inconsistencies or unwanted associations that the author is just too close to the book to see themselves.


I’ve edited fiction in a variety of genres. The fiction editor is really the unsung hero - the behind the scenes person who normally takes none of the credit. That’s how it should be, but it makes it hard for me to blow my own fiction-editing trumpet as hard as I otherwise could here. However, I can declare that I am the editor of The Corona Book of Horror Stories, which work I’m happy to share as an example of my editing skills. I’ll also mention that one of my clients described my fiction editing skills as God-like - I wouldn’t go that far, but I can promise that I will improve the tightness and readability of your book, as well as ensuring spelling, punctuation and grammar meet the same high standards as those employed by big name publishers.


A tailored approach

My approach to editing is personal - the antithesis of your book going through the sausage-machine approach it might do elsewhere. I understand that your book is personal to you - and that you may be apprehensive about the editing process. Before I edit anything, I’ll discuss with you the approach I’ll be taking - preferably on the phone or in person. We’ll find a way of working that suits us both. It may be, for example, that we have another conversation after I’ve edited the opening chapter(s) of your book and you’ve had the opportunity to see the changes made.


Does such a professional and personal editing service come with a hefty price tag? The quick answer is: no, it doesn’t. Every editing project is different, and for that reason I don’t quote prices for editing here. I need to see what I’m being asked to edit, before I can know what work is involved. Editing is the opposite of being one size fits all - so, it does strike me as odd when people quote rates for editing based solely on the number of words. (If the work needs only light editing, do they charge people for a level of editing that they don’t need?) I don’t have the overheads to cover that bigger and more established businesses do, and I pride myself on keeping my rates as affordable as possible.


I look forward to talking to you about your book project - call me now on 07772 167092 or email me lewis@lewiswilliams.com  

e-book formatting book descriptions publishing pricing