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If you’ve had a look round my website - or did you come to this page first? - you’ll see I’m an experienced writer, editor and publisher, who has been educated by and worked at Oxford University, and who comes to you highly recommended.


Won’t it then cost you a lot to have me help you publish your book?


The quick answer is: no, it won’t. I don’t have the overheads that other businesses providing such services have. (I don’t have to cover employees’ wages, employer National Insurance or pension contributions, rent on commercial premises or profits for shareholders etc.) I regard my freelance work as a fledgling venture, and I enjoy this work.  All these things conspire to allow me - for the time being at least - to keep my rates as affordable as possible.


For reasons explained on the editing page, I don’t publish a set of list of prices. Every book project - especially where editing is involved - is different and I will quote you, and stick to, a price that takes into account your particular requirements. That price will, I promise you, not be at the higher end of the spectrum. Depending, of course, on what’s involved, package prices for bringing a book from manuscript to publication in hard copy and e-book with a professional cover design can come in under four figures (less than £1000).  As examples of more itemised pricing, I can create an internal file for a Kindle e-book for much less than £100, and for proof-reading I will match or better the rates offered by any established UK provider, at the same time as providing a personal and timely service to meet your needs.  


I look forward to talking to you about your book project - call me now on 07772 167092 or email me lewis@lewiswilliams.com