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If you’re publishing a physical book, then you’ll need a print layout. And that’s one of those things that’s really easy to do badly, but which takes knowledge, skill and experience to do well.


I see lots of self-published books, and even some from so-called publishing companies, that make the kind of mistakes with print layouts that would keep me awake at night! This includes things like:








These things scream ‘self-published badly’ and make your reader think they’re handling an inferior product before they even begin reading it.  


There is no need to put up with such a lack of standards, and I will create you a print layout for your book that is free of such mistakes and is in every way the equal of those you would find in the output of mainstream publishers.


In the gallery on this page you can see a sample of pages from The Corona Book of Horror Stories: the opening 25 pages of the book. These are presented here as an example of my print layout work.


Click on any of the thumbnail images below, then use the left and right arrows to scroll through the images.  

(You can read the words if you’d like too, of course, but the point of including the pages here is to show you the standards in print layout that are available to you.)  


Call me on 07772 167092 or email lewis@lewiswilliams.com

Not getting rid of page numbers on blank pages

Misaligned page numbers

Misaligned headings

A failure to use ‘mirror margins’ to take into account the fact that a book has facing pages

... and worse

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